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*Hi guys*,

when you read this, it means you've reached the website of the band Sloth Bellevue from Berlin, Germany. I wannabe their manager in the future, so I'm creating this website in order to impress them. Because they like to keep it simple, I will also keep it simple. Call their style Surf Grunge, or Boner Rock, if you will. But 'nuff said. Here's a picture of them boys. And here's some studio recordings. Kinda sweet, no? Anyways, reach out and drop me a line if you wanna know more or if you are interested in booking them, or if you want anything else from me. And don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter.

Tim / Modern Ape Booking, mail: tim at
4 May 2019

SECURITY ALERT! ++ New demo songs released. Take a listen. ++ We Could Burn ++ Life Fountain ++ BBQ ++